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A recent consumer survey by Tauranga-based online retailer “” shows that every third kiwi is concerned about luggage security.

Sunday 9th December 2018


Luggage Security in New ZealandThe company recently surveyed 220 online shoppers on what is important for them when buying luggage. Multiple answers were possible and two thirds of the participants considered the quality of luggage important with one third also adding “Security”.


“Who hasn’t heard of stories about drugs that were put into the luggage of unsuspecting tourists?” asks Elliot Hall, director of NZ’s #1 luggage site. He adds: “Here at we take our motto ‘helping kiwis fly’ seriously and based on the feedback of our customers we have added luggage security products such as TSA locks, safe seals, extra covers or straps to our range.” has now published the “Top 13 Luggage Security Tips For Kiwi Travelers Flying Overseas” in its company blog. In summary:

  1. Never leave your bag unattended
  2. Pack, weigh & carry your own suitcases
  3. Get quarantine and hazardous goods information
  4. Have the right luggage
  5. Secure your luggage with a TSA lock or safety seals
  6. Get travel insurance
  7. Take key items into the plane
  8. Add contact information to your luggage
  9. Check the airline tags
  10. Report lost items immediately
  11. Add visible marks
  12. Avoid overweight luggage fees
  13. Avoid skimming of your electronic cash and identity


Online New Zealand retail company,, was founded in 2015 by brothers Guy and Elliot Hall. Stocking a wide range of travel products from brands such as Samsonite, Herschel and Bellroy. With free shipping New Zealand wide and a 100 day returns policy, is dedicated to providing an incredible customer experience.


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