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Meet Our Team!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our team! We’re a small dedicated bunch that love what we do. From our offices up here in beautiful Tauranga, overlooking majestic Mount Maunganui, we take what we do seriously – but always make sure the day is full of laughter, banter and food!

Get to know the team below! 


Elliot | Director, Co-Founder & Product Buying Jedi

Hey! I’m Elliot, I’m a Founding member of and I love web design and finding new and interesting products for us to sell while I’m at work! On my days off I like boating, fishing, watching the rugby and having a beer with friends. Let me know if you’ve seen any cool luggage or travel products that you think we should supply! Get up the All Blacks, Chiefs and Warriors! (I like sport, can you tell?)


Guy | Online Director/ Mr. Fix It!

Hey I’m Guy, I co-founded as I wanted to be part of a business that has a ‘Delivering Happiness’ culture, delivering wow experiences to our team & our customers! Google it if you are keen to learn more – it’s pretty cool stuff! I’m the Online Director here, so I’m in charge of all the crazy code stuff. I love that there is constant change in my role & everyday brings new challenges, no two days are ever the same. I really enjoy working with our team to deliver the best experiences we can for our customers. Outside the office, I love living in the Bay of Plenty & really enjoy getting out & exploring this slice of paradise we live in! Computer not working? Try turning it off and on again!


Kenny | Warehouse Extraordinaire

Hi, I’m Kenny! I came to NZ in 1984 and haven’t left! I love my family, food and Tauranga! I haven’t lived anywhere else in NZ, although I love traveling – who doesn’t right?! I’m always too hot – it’s the Scotsman in me! I’m the guy that makes sure your package arrives to you quick-smart! Keep an eye out, you may receive a personalised note from me with your order!


Alice | Social Media, PR & Content Creator

Hey, I’m Alice! I love my cats, summer, travelling, all things Disney and like majority of the team, I also love food. I love making videos, which is luckily part of my job! I also photograph and write about any new product we get in, as well as manage our social media pages and public relations! Every work day is a little different for me, which I love. My dream is to one day adopt a sausage dog, if not three!


Jamie | Marketing, Analytics & Data Cruncher

Hey, I’m Jamie! Born and raised in Rotorua, I spent the last 5 years in Auckland and can confirm I’m glad to be out. Residing in Rotorua, I make the daily commute to Tauranga where I can turn my music up and enjoy the ride. I’m also a numbers person. My role at is to implement Marketing strategies using the vast data we gather from our valued customers. This allows us to ensure the best possible user experience. I also like to test everything. Which creative to use? Test it. Which landing page works best? Test it. Which route is fastest to get to work? Test it. I look forward to using your subliminal input to make decisions.

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