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Our Community & Online Partners

We love working with innovative business partners in the travel and luggage industries that share and identify with our values and practises.



Rival Logo

Rival Web Design are a professional programming and web design company based in Sydney Australia. They specialize in Magento online stores & digital retail with a key focus in Online Fashion Stores.



PBT Logo

PBT are a 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated Courier Company with 18 branches across New Zealand. Their vast network and experience helps get our luggage delivered to our customers promptly



Farmlands Logo

Farmlands are a New Zealand farmer owned co-operative, with a key focus on using the collective power of its shareholders to negotiate deals in the retail farm supply industry. 



Office Products Online Logo

Office Products Online combines its massive range of products, competitive pricing, outstanding customer service & 40 years of experience. A values based business that strives to deliver customer satisfaction.



Airpoints Mall Logo

Airpoints mall is a Air New Zealand operated website that allows you to earn airpoints by spending at associated retailers.



Top Reviews NZ Logo 

Top Reviews NZ are a New Zealand based review platform, with the sole purpose of helping other kiwis find the best products online.

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