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If you have every struggled to get to sleep, a pair of SleepPhones might be exactly what you need! SleepPhones is essentially a pair of super flat speakers inserted into a soft and comfy headband. Use these headphones to play white noise, rain sounds, music or a guided meditation to help you get to sleep. The original SleepPhones are perfect for those who find themselves taking sleeping pills or those who struggle to sleep through their partners snoring. It is also a helpful travel accessory for the plane, helping you block out the noises around you. Make sure to tuck it into your carry-on luggage or overnight bag when you go on your next holiday! SleepPhones come in either a classic or wireless model. The classic model features a cord that plugs into your device, whilst the wireless option is cordless and connects to your device via Bluetooth. You’ll also spot a wireless RunPhones version, which is ideal for those who love to run but find traditional earphones uncomfortable. It will also protect your ears from the cold on chilly days.

Each pair of SleepPhones have a soft headband made from an exclusive comfortable fabric called SheepCloud. Made from 5% spandex and 95% polyester, this headband has a stretch to it so it can fit your head perfectly. This nonpilling fabric will last you a long time, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleep for years to come. If you are short on time, this material can be washed in the washing machine. This SheepCloud material comes in two variations, depending on the level of warmth you require. The fleece version is a bit warmer, making it perfect for a relaxing sleep in a colder climate. Whereas the breeze version offers greater breathability, making it perfect for wear during sport or in hotter climates.

What SleepPhones Size Should I Purchase?

The most common size for SleepPhones is the medium size, designed to fit most people. All models we stock are this medium size. This size is designed for people with a head circumference between 55cm and 59cm. To measure, simply using a tape measure and wrap it around your forehead above your ears to determine the size of your head. The only people who this might not fit are very petite women and large and tall men with hair. If you find that your head is on the smaller size (51-54cm), you may require a small. If your head is larger (60-63+cm), you will need to go for a large. If you are on the cusp, opt for the smaller size to avoid your SleepPhones from slipping off. If we do not stock the size you require, please send us an email and we will try and source this for you.

Shop our range of SleepPhones NZ wide at and enjoy free shipping and an improved sleep. If your SleepPhones arrive and it doesn’t fit, check out our 100 day returns policy. Check out the rest of our travel accessories including travel adapters, face masks, neck pillows, luggage tags and straps. Great customer service is one of the values we pride ourselves on most so we do our best to provide this every day. If you order before 2pm on a weekday, we will make sure your order is dispatched that afternoon. Once it has left our warehouse, we would estimate delivery take approximately 1-3days, unless you are a rural address. In that case, it would take a couple additional business days. Our warehouse is Tauranga based, meaning North Island deliveries will be a little quicker, ranging between 1-2 business days. South Island deliveries are still fast, but usually take about 2-3 days. If you have any questions or feedback, please flick us an email at or give us a bell between 9am-5pm at 0800 300 091.

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