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Whether you’re a first time traveller or just looking for a few tips and tricks as to what travel accessories you should pack in your carry-on then you’ve come to the right place! Our team has put together a list of must-have travel accessories chosen from our best sellers and staff picks.

Firstly, you need to choose the perfect carry-on luggage, check out our How to Buy Luggage blog here to help you through the process.  In short, choose a suitcase that is lightweight, fits within your airlines regulations, has a built in lock, 4 sturdy spinning wheels and is made from a strong material. Softside cases are great light options that give you a little extra space thanks to the give of the fabric but hardside add protection. Here I have chosen the Samsonite Oval 55cm Spinner in Black – this is currently our bestselling carry-on suitcase. Your luggage is vitally important, but just as important is the travel accessories you choose to take.

*EDIT: We no longer stock the Oval but check out some of our other amazing Samsonite cases here!

Our must have travel accessories: 

  • Korjo offer up passport and credit card defenders that stop skimmers from electronically stealing your money and identity. *EDIT: We no longer stock this brand but check out our range of RFID wallets here!
  • The Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet is a must for any traveller. You can fit your passport, tickets, cards and so much more in the stylish compact wallet! It’s water, wind and dirt proof so you’re pretty much ready to take on whatever the elements may throw at you! *EDIT: We no longer stock this item but browse our massive range of travel wallets here!
  • Korjo Zippered Plastic Bags are great for keeping a spare outfit in. This means if your checked baggage was to ever go missing at least you’d have a change of clothes whilst you wait for the airline to find your suitcase. Tip: roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will take up less room. Place your zippered back at the bottom and back of your bag so it doesn’t get in the way of your essentials. *EDIT: We no longer have this item but check out our range of travel accessories here!
  • The Cooper Felucca Toiletry Bag is perfect for storing your personal items* within, although these must be non-liquids. Liquids must be under 100mls and kept in clear bottles and placed in a transparent resalable bag. The toiletry bag will make quick touch-ups and bathroom stops all that much easier. *EDIT: No longer have this item but check out all our toiletry bags here!
  • Talking about bathroom stops, you can never be too cautious! Pop some Korjo Toilet Seat Covers in your toiletry bag. These are great in any public toilet situation and put a layer between yourself and the seat. These can be flushed so are great little travel accessories for a bargain price! *EDIT: We no longer stock these, but check out our travel accessories here!
  • The Samsonite Eye Mask and Ear Plugs will help you nod off during your trip! Nothing aids sleep like a quiet, dark environment and Samsonite have nailed both with these travel accessories!
  • Add a whole extra level of comfort with the Cotton Neck Pillow, also brought to you by travel experts Samsonite. Any position can become a comfortable resting place when you’re surrounded in soft cotton. *EDIT: We don’t have this specific pillow anymore but check out our range of travel pillows here!
  • The Korjo Compression Socks are life savers, especially for the elderly or those who aren’t too keen on stretching and walking around the plane. These handy travel accessories keep your blood flowing to help avoid deep vein thrombosis. *EDIT: We no longer stock this specific item but we have a range of travel socks here!

What To Pack: Carry-On Travel AccessoriesExtras:

  • Taking a blanket/jersey is always a good idea. It can get cold up there and you want to be prepared just in case!
  • All liquids, aerosols, gels or pastes such as water, drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste, lip gloss and mascaras must be in individual containers not greater than 100ml in volume
  • Take your laptop, phone and iPad in a satchel/handbag for quick access at customs.
  • Moisturiser is great! It’ll keep you feeling fresh and stop your skin drying out in the planes air-conditioning.


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