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Trunki are a relatively new company on the luggage scene, but they’ve been working on their idea since 1997! Revolutionising the way in which families travel, Trunki have created a fun ride-on suitcase option for children.


Currently available on in nine creative and cute ride-on styles there is a Trunki to suit everyone! From Freda Cow, to Boris Bus and all the way to Gruffalo. Trunki‘s speak to and help children’s imaginations blossom in situations where they’d normally be bored and agitated. *EDIT: We no longer stock these three Trunki’s pictured above BUT we now have heaps more to choose from, available here!

Perfect for any type of transport, the Trunki fits most airline carry-on requirements, stores securely in overhead lockers and is sturdy enough to handle a busy train ride. Weighing only 1.6kg when empty, Trunki is lightweight enough to pick up and carry when needed. With a capacity of 18L your little one can pack all of their in flight essentials within!


Two clips keep Trunki closed and a rubber stopper ensure no little fingers get caught in the Polypropylene outer. I will note that the only issue I can see with the Trunki is that they can’t be fully locked, they have a twist lock on the front and back which can be opened with a ‘key’ on the strap. This could be opened with anything though, so they’re not that reliable  – but in Trunki‘s defence (seems as I am their biggest 23 year old supporter!) they are designed to be used as children’s carry-on, so would be with you all of the time and wouldn’t house extremely expensive/sentimental items.

The perfect way to teach children the importance of safe and proper packing, Trunki‘s interior comes equipped with elasticated cross ribbons and a removable pouch designed to keep everything safe and secure.


When airport queues are long and lagging, the Trunki acts as a comfortable seat for your little one to sit and rest their legs on. The horn grip handles ensure they won’t fall off when holding on securely with feet planted on the ground.

When boredom ensues, allow your tot to roll around on the smooth airport grounds whilst supervised. They can imagine they’re riding into the jungle on Tipu, about to meet Hello Kitty for tea or buzzing around a hive with Bernard! Just ensure your little one stays safe and doesn’t disrupt other travellers. *EDIT: We no longer stock the Hello Kitty or Bernard model but shop our full range of Trunki cases here!

TRUNK3When walking from one side of the airport to another, it’s best to attach the pull strap to have control and security over your child and their luggage. Your little one can sit back and relax as you  pull them through the airport with ease.

Trunki are truly changing the way in which families and their children travel. Fun, responsibility and creativity are encouraged and their imaginations and cognitive skills can grow through fun learning exercises, and the best part? they don’t even know they’re learning!


In all honestly, if I could get away with wheeling round on a Trunki at the airport or at work.. or at home.. I would! But alas, I weigh a little more than 50kg and can only dream!

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