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July is NZ Travel Safety Month online at For all of the best travel safety tips and advice follow us on social media and keep checking back here on the blog for our weekly round-up of the tips! Feel free to save the images, pin them to your board on Pinterest, share them on Facebook or give them a heart over on Instagram – the further we can spread the importance of safer, more secure travel the more we will be able to enjoy our exploration of the world!

Travel Safety Tip #1:
Upgrade to a suitcase or luggage option with an inbuilt TSA lock for maximum security and the ability to travel to and within the USA. Shop our range of luggage with built in TSA locks online HERE! 

Travel Safety Tip #2:

NZ Travel Safety Month Tip 2Sign up to before you leave for access to your images and documents on any device.

Travel Safety Tip #3:NZ Travel Safety Month Tip 3See exactly where your luggage is in real time and with email or text updates thanks to the Trakdot Luggage Tracker. *EDIT: We no longer stock the Trakadot Luggage Tracker but check out our wide range of travel accessories here!

Travel Safety Tip #4:NZ Travel Safety Month Tip 4This includes hotel telephone numbers, the names of those you’re travelling with, tour information, flight numbers and the time frames you plan on sticking to.

Travel Safety Tip #5: 
NZ Travel Safety Month Tip 5Believe it or not, this really catches a lot of people out! Pop your code into the notes section of your phone and write it down on a piece of paper and place it in your wallet so you’ll always have access to it when needed.

Travel Safety Tip #6:
NZ Travel Safety Month Tip 6Safety comes in numbers! Spread your money out, keep some in your hotels safe, some in your wallet, some in your waist bag and even keep some hidden in your shoes! Shop our wide range of travel wallets & travel bags online!

Travel Safety Tip #7: NZ Travel Safety Month Tip 7Fellow guests and staff of the hotel will constantly be walking past your hotel room and could take the opportunity to raid your room if it appeared that you were away. Making it seem like you are in will deter them from entering your room uninvited.

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