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With July being NZ Travel Safety Month, what better time to focus on travel safety NZ than now! You can check out all of our past tips by clicking here or following us across social media for your daily dose of tips and facts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

Travel Safety NZ Tip #15:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety Nz Tip 15Choose to stick to the busier main streets rather than the back streets. Blend in and stay alert.

Travel Safety NZ Tip #16:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety NZ Tip 16Again, it really is all about trust! Don’t share your personal information or travel plans with taxi drivers, baggage assistance or other staff and guests. Trust family, friends and the NZ embassy.

Travel Safety NZ Tip #17:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety NZ Tip 17Clip locked luggage is by far the safest option currently available. Occasionally zips can be broken into or pop open leaving easy access to thieves. Locks are much securer and make breaking into your luggage incredibly difficult.  Shop our range of clip-lock luggage over on here!

Travel Safety NZ Tip #18:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety NZ Tip 18Although ideally you’d like to avoid such situations, it is always good to be prepared. A dummy wallet will provide a distraction to the thief and allow you to keep most of your hard earned cash. Shop our wide range of wallets online at here!

Travel Safety NZ Tip #19:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety NZ Tip 19Don’t make yourself an attractive target when travelling. Ensure expensive jewellery, clothing and accessories are kept hidden.

Travel Safety NZ Tip #20:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety NZ Tip 20Obviously we don’t want to scare you out of talking to any of the great locals that you’ll meet whilst travelling but just urge you to move on the side of caution when an opportunity seems too good to be true, feels a little off or unprofessional. Plan in advance and choose recommended options.

Travel Safety NZ Tip #21:NZ Safety Month Travel Safety NZ Tip 21Unfortunately even the trusty nude waist packs aren’t 100% immune anymore. Wear yours a little higher than usual or around your leg to fool thieves into thinking you’re not wearing one. Shop our range of waist packs online at here!