Are you an avid traveller? Are you constantly re-packing for another trip? If so, the Thule Revolve would be a great investment for you!

Exterior Features

In terms of design, Thule has kept it simple and sleek. It’s minimalistic design is super effective in portraying an expensive, high class look. Made from durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate, the Thule Revolve is built to last the distance. It has a sturdy frame as well as a reinforcing front panel, to further enhance durability.


It has a set of four double spinning wheels, which is great for providing stability across rough terrain. The rear wheels are oversized to improve manoeuvrability whilst the front wheels are smaller and recessed to increase interior packing space. It has an adjustable telescopic handle and a top and side grab handle to make navigating and lifting easier. The inclusion of built-in feet enables the case to sit comfortably on its side without toppling over. If you spin the case around, you’ll find a built-in ID slot for your personal details such as name and contact details.

A great security feature of the Revolve are the puncture resistant zips! This prevents pesky thieves from successfully breaking into your luggage. The Revolve also has a TSA combination lock to keep your belongings safe, secure and untampered with. If you need further instructions surrounding the Thule Revolve TSA lock, check out this video below!


Interior Features

When you unzip the suitcase, you will see that the interior is fully lined with a felt material. Thule intentionally used felt to absorb vibrations when the case is in motion.This case is complete with interior corner protectors, which enhances the protection and durability of the case.

It has a sturdy set of compression straps on one side, designed to keep your belongings compact and in place. On the opposite side, there are two separate zippered pockets to help you stay organised while you pack.

For a look at the full features, have a look at this video from Thule:


Where Can I Buy the Thule Revolve Collection?

The Thule Revolve is available in three sizes at, including the large 75cm checked case, the medium 68cm checked case and the small 55cm carry-on size. We also have a luggage set available, featuring the 55cm carry-on and the 75cm checked case. We currently stock this suitcase in the luxurious black shade featured above.

Thule’s main mission statement is to help their customers transport the things they love safely, securely and fashionably and the Revolve does exactly that. If you are a frequent flyer, the Thule Revolve is 100% worth the investment, as you can guarantee that it is good quality.

If you are interested in purchasing the Thule Revolve, simply click here. Enjoy free shipping and easy 100 day returns throughout NZ  🙌🏻