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Whether you’re in the market for a new wallet or are an avid Bellroy fan you’ll appreciate these tips straight from the guys at the top!

It’s no secret that all of Bellroy’s designs are centred on their ethos of slimming your wallet, they’ve created stunning functional ranges and given you the best tools possible to achieve this slimmed down lifestyle, but some of us need a little push in the right direction to lose the bulge!


It may sound simple, but you know that old receipt you’re hiding in your coin pocket? File it somewhere safe or throw it out. Those business cards you’ve collected over the years, they may come in handy one day but you don’t need them in your pocket all day. Find somewhere at home or in your car for them and free up room for your most important cards.

Talking of cards, do you still use that Video Ezy member’s card from the early 2000s? Go through all of the cards in your wallet and sort out which are really necessary. With a great range of apps available for smartphones these days these cards are becoming obsolete anyway – Only keep the ones you regularly use or really need. A great tip is to then organize the remaining cards so that the ones you use daily are easiest to access. – The Bellroy pull-tabs allow you access to all of your cards easily. You can keep your most used cards separate and have these at your fingertips whilst your secondary cards stay safe and secure and out of the way.


Generally coins are safest kept out of your leather wallets, they stretch and weigh down the leather increasing bulk and weight, for what is realistically very little gain. Sure, bring your spare change home with you in the coin pocket but transfer them to a ‘parking fund’ in your car or ‘family holiday’ jar in your house. You’ll be surprised with just how much you can save. Notes though, they’re big time and your Bellroy is fully equipped to deal with most sizes; whether you’re a folder or a laid out kinda guy!

Your Bellroy is made of vegetable tanned leather, this traditional method allows the Bellroy to shape itself to the demands and ways of your use and needs. There really is no other material that compares, the leather has strength, durability and resilience yet it allows for the suppleness and flexibility of everyday usage.


With your Bellroy in hand and these important tips at your fingertips you’ll stay organised, light and ‘bulge-less’ for years to come. Shop our full range of Bellroy online here at