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An overseas holiday is definitely something to look forward to, and most of the time it’s plain sailing. Sometimes though, things can go a little pear shaped. If this is the case, never fear, you’ll be totally prepared thanks to our top 10 technology focused travel tips that will have your back no matter where in the world you are.

Top 10 Travel Tips: 

Jet Lag:

A genius app, the JetLag Genie will help you beat the dreaded jetlag. JetLag Genie creates a customised plan for you based on your flight times, destinations and normal sleeping patterns. This app will ensure you wake, sleep, get sunshine, sit in the dark, change the time on your watch and take a nap at the appropriate times pre, post and during your flight! GENIE-US!

Identity Theft:

In this case, this is where technology is hindering more than helping your travel plans. Modern day scammers can skim your personal and sensitive information from your cards and passports. Stealing your identity and money. RFID blocking materials can stop this, at we offer a huge range of RFID blocking options, ranging from simple card and passport slips to bags and travel wallets kitted out with specific RFID pockets.


Apps such as Packing Pro or PackPoint create customised packing lists based on a bunch of customisable requirements. Pop in your destination, date, the reason for your trip and the activities you’ll be doing and they will give you a customised list based on the temperature, flight duration and type of your travel! Take the guess work out of packing and never be without the essentials again!


Comfortable headphones will help you achieve unbroken sleep on your travels! SleepPhones will ensure no bulky over-ear or sore in-ear headphones can slip off or fall out during your sleep. Two powerful thin speakers are built in to the soft, padded headband for optimal comfort. Allowing you to sleep, nap or run in them.


It’s normal to feel a few pre-trip nerves. The TravelSafe Pro app should help with those woes though. Download the app before the you go and you’ll have an offline international database of emergency numbers and embassy details for every country all in one place.

Keeping Connected:

Charging your phone, tablet and camera whilst travelling is always something you want to keep in mind. A power bank will allow you to stay charged on the go. An adaptor for the country you’re visiting will enable you to use your devices or charge your essentials back at your hotel room. Taking both with you will ensure you’re always connected.

Language Barrier:

Its always nice to learn a few words in the language of the country you are visiting. You can’t be expected to learn it all though, that is where the Word Lens Translator App comes in. This priceless app will translate any foreign text into written English.

The Weight Factor:

Airlines have weight and size restrictions. Shopping at can ensure you choose the right size suitcase for the airline you travel with, but what you pack is totally up to you! A luggage scale can take away all of the guess work. Weighing before you leave will ensure you aren’t stuck re-packing your suitcase in a corner of the airport!

Avoid Bites:

If you’re travelling to warmer climates, you might be greeted with a few mosquitos. The Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller App is certainly worth a try. This app emits ultra-sonic frequencies that mimics the sounds of the mosquitos predators, such as dragonflies or the wings of male insects. This will help keep the buzzy little critters at bay! If you do get bit, the Travel Bite Relief will bring you a little peace!

Security Enhanced:

Gone are the days of basic lock and key suitcase security features. The Smart Lock from Incase is our first step in the direction of smart luggage. This lock links with your Apple smartphones and allows you to unlock/lock it via app. No more keys or remembering codes. The lock will also alert you when your case has left your vicinity, ensuring you don’t leave it behind or notice that it is missing too late.


Technology is helping us solve a wide range of travel problems, our list of travel tips is just the icing on the cake. Delve into the Travel section of app store and give everything that tickles your fancy a go!