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Following social media and tech websites it is easy to see exactly where luggage will be heading in the next few years. Smart luggage has started to take the international market by storm and it is no surprise that NZ is keen to follow suit! Having smart luggage in NZ will mean a revolutionary form of travel for Kiwi’s is as accessible as just popping online and clicking ‘add to bag’.

With a great range of smart luggage on the international market currently, us Kiwi’s will get to experience the crème de la crème of smart luggage in NZ, as it would have been tried and tested by the international market. With features such as Bluetooth connectivity, phone charging, built in scales, GPS trackers, proximity notifications, speakers, digitally controlled locks and trip data tracking there really is nothing smart luggage can’t do!RADEN - Smart Luggage in NZIt is great to see these fresh faced thinkers coming through with new ideas that fit within the expectations of the 21st century traveller. We book our holidays on our phones, book an Uber via the app, even check-in to our flights online so why are we not tracking our luggage from it and why are we having to still charge our phones from sneaky airport sockets? Smart luggage in NZ will truly change the way we travel and make the whole experience a lot easier!

Brands such as Bluesmart, RADEN, Delsey Pluggage and Trunkster are dominating the online market whether they’re currently on sale or still in the design phases! The rumour mill is full of news of a Samsonite and Samsung collaboration that will bring a product with a fantastic reputation, revolutionary thinking and specs like no other. The Samsonite/Samsung product is rumoured to trail its owner, meaning no more pushing or pulling your bag along with you. They are also said to be working on a product that when flying Emirates, Lufthansa and KLM Air France, the bag checks itself in!

*EDIT: Since this blog post was first written, Bluesmart and RADEN have sadly gone out of business 🙁 However we do have some smart luggage on our site, which you can check out here.
Bluesmart - Smart Luggage in NZ
Smart luggage isn’t just for the business person or frequent traveller, RADEN offers up beautiful colours and designs that add an edge the other brands aren’t quite offering yet. If sophistication is more your style then the Bluesmart offers the perfect sleek, all black design that effortlessly seeps business class elegance. Trunkster have added a zipless feature that has us very excited for the future of luggage!

With so many great products currently on the international market we are so excited for smart luggage in NZ! You can rest assured that – NZ’s biggest luggage retailer will bring you the best of the best!

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Trunkster - Smart Luggage in NZ