Let’s face it, sitting upright in a near vertical chair surrounded by what could be hundreds of people cruising at 36,000ft doesn’t really seem like the ideal environment for sleep, but there are ways in which you can catch your much needed sleep on a plane!

The ideal circumstance would be upgrading to business or first class, the seats here are much more comfortable (on some airlines your chairs can decline almost horizontal and others even have beds ideal for catching those z’s!). Upgrading doesn’t always have to be a distant dream, on occasion you may be upgraded for free if you’re polite and courteous to all airline staff and there are seats available! If you’re not so lucky though, we’ve got a great line-up of tips for making your sleep on a plane a reality!

Pick a window seat:Sleeping on a plane - window seatSeat position is important, airlines generally let you choose your seats now when you book online and we highly recommend you don’t skip this step! Choosing a window seat is your best option, the middle and outer seats require you being stumbled over when your row mates want to stretch their legs or use the bathroom. Those on the outer seat have the constant shuffle of all whom pass. When you’re nestled close to the window you’re able to make yourself a safe comfortable sleep bubble!

It’s all about placing:Sleeping on a plane - plane interiorIt’s not just about nabbing the window seat mind you, sitting close to the toilets can be a big no-no! Parents usually choose these seats as a convenient spot for themselves and their young children. We’ve all heard the screaming child horror stories and sitting here can increase your chances of this being a reality. Combine this with the constant door opening, people queuing and loo flushing and you’re in for a noisy flight!  The seats at the front of the plane can also be a bad choice, staff prepare food here and this can sometimes be a noisy affair. These seats are sometimes ideal for the elderly though as they tend to have more leg room!

Pack and dress accordingly:Sleeping on a planeThere are so many great travel accessories out there that will help you catch that much needed sleep on a plane! Now that you’ve picked your comfortable window seat you’re ready to create your sleep bubble. Fill your carry-on luggage with essentials such as eye masks, ear plugs and neck pillows. Wear compression socks on your journey to ensure you can sleep soundly without having to wake to stretch. Wearing loose fitting layers will ensure you’re comfortable, free to move and ready for both the warm and cool conditions you’ll encounter on the plane.

Keep away from caffeine:Sleeping on a plane - coffeeCoffee, sugar and the likes may seem like a good idea at the time but they’ll only hinder you later when trying to sleep on a plane. For energy earlier on in the trip, fresh fruit, muesli bars and water are a great alternative that will give you slow release energy when you need it most.

If all else fails or you’re worried about these tips not working you can always see your GP who will help you out with the right medication to help you sleep on a plane!