*EDIT: We no longer stock the Delsey Belfort but check out our other cases with built-in locks! If you get stuck with the locks on these cases, we recommend checking out this blog post 🙂

If you’ve just received your new Delsey Belfort suitcase and are a little taken back by the Delsey Belfort lock, don’t fret! Here at luggage.co.nz we’ve created an easy to follow video tutorial visually explaining how to set the lock from start to finish.

We highly recommend you view this instructional video before attempting to set your lock:


  1. Code will be pre-set as 0-0-0
  2. Lay case down and open the 3 clips
  3. Flip case over onto the lid
  4. Open case slightly and wedge lock mechanism between the opening of suitcase so the red lever is visible
  5. Turn the red level 90degrees ONLY to a vertical position. Do NOT force it 180degrees.
  6. Set your combination by turning the number dials to your choice of combination code.
  7. Return the red lever back to its original position. Your code has now been set.
  8. Memorize or write down the code and keep somewhere safe.

If you purchased your Delsey Belfort from luggage.co.nz and require any further assistance before you proceed please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 300 091. It’s always better to be safe than sorry after all!