With the summer holiday season fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about which suitcase you will take on your travels! Something we get asked often here at luggage.co.nz is which suitcase we would choose, the Samsonite Octolite or the Samsonite Engenero Diamond. So, we took on the challenge to do a suitcase test. To see which would come out on top. Check out our Samsonite Engenero vs Samsonite Octolite review below!

Samsonite Engenero vs. Samsonite Octolite Review:


There is no doubt that weight plays a huge part in choosing the right luggage. With major airlines such as Air New Zealand allowing a carry-on limit of 7kg for economy passengers, the weight of your carry-on is vital. With the 55cm Engenero Diamond weighing 2.1kg and the 55cm Octolite weighing 2.5kg. The Engenero allows you 400g more of packing ability. This may seem small, but for me being able to pack my extra hoodie or work books made all the difference.

There is also a major difference when it comes to the weight of the checked-in luggage pieces. For example, if we compare the two 75cm suitcases. The Octolite weighs 4kg whereas the Engenero weighs only 3.3kg. This gives you a whole extra 700g of packing ability when choosing the Engenero.

As well as giving you extra space to pack, the lightness of the Engenero also makes it a dream to transport and pack away at home.  For me, the Samsonite Engenero is a clear winner on the weight front.

Engenero: 1 / Octolite: 0


Samsonite Engenero Diamond vs Samsonite Octolite Review

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To ensure this was a fair test, we tested both ranges of luggage on the same trip to Sydney. The Samsonite Octolite is made from polypropylene, whereas the Engenero is made from a Makrolon Polycarbonate weave. The main difference between these two materials, is that Polycarbonate tends to flex to absorb impact whereas Polypropylene relies solely on its strength.

For us, there was an obvious difference in how these materials work when we retrieved our suitcases from the carousel in both Sydney and Auckland. Both times, the Engenero arrived as we had left it with the addition of a few scuffs. The Octolite though had “buckled in on itself”, luckily this time the impact wasn’t enough to crack the Octolite but if we had stored something fragile within the case it could have cracked. This was able to be popped back out, but was not ideal.

For strength, in this category of the Samsonite Engenero vs Samsonite Octolite review, the Engenero wins on this count.

Engenero: 2 / Octolite: 0


One of the main differences between the two ranges is the wheels. Both are 360-degree spinners, but the Octolite has four dual spinners (8 wheels all up), whereas the Engenero has 4. Both are secure moulded and offer superior manoeuvrability. Neither suitcase showed any issues with the wheels, even during the quick dash from Auckland Domestic to International Airport.

If I had to choose, which I do as this is a Samsonite Enegnero vs Samsonite Octolite review. I would pick the Octolite as the winner of this round due to the fact it has double wheels for extra stability.

Engenero: 2 / Octolite: 1


The Samsonite Octolite comes in 4 sizes, whereas the Engenero Diamond is available in 3. The difference with the Octolite range is that it offers an extra large 81cm checked-in case. This size is recommended for those travelling on airlines with a larger weight limit and linear allowance. As the 81cm weighs 4.5kg and boasts a linear of 169cm.

The literage across both ranges is fairly similar, with the Engenero offering a tad more whilst still remaining lighter and slimmer.

The 55cm Engenero Diamond absolutely blew me away when I discovered it fits perfectly into the overhead lockers on the smaller bombardier regional planes. My Octolite had to be taken and put in the hold and I was charged for this. This is something to look out for when flying within NZ or on the smaller airlines overseas. This also then meant that I had to wait for my Octolite, whereas I could just leave the plane with my Engenero.

For the convenience of this alone, the Engenero is my easy pick for size.

Engenero: 3 / Octolite: 1

Overall Functionality:

Samsonite Octolite Review

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Both suitcases were a breeze to use. The interiors of both are very similar, offering elasticated cross ribbons and divider panel. The Octolite does have pockets within, which certainly may come in handy for storing your smaller items.

The Engenero is much easier to store at home or at your hotel. With its slimline outer making it easier to slip under the bed, pop in your car or in the wardrobe. The Octolite is quite bulky and much harder to store. I traveled with the 55cm and 75cm suitcases in both ranges and they both nested within each other when empty, which definitely helped.

Both feature a 3-digit customs-approved TSA lock which provided much needed protection for my suitcase. The Engenero has a much easier to identify I.D tag, whereas the Octolite’s is quite hard to see. This may come in handy if your luggage is lost.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Engenero the most. As a solo woman travelling, the lightness and ease of the Engenero made for a hassle free trip.

Engenero: 4 / Octolite: 1

The Results:

There is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to the Samsonite Engenero vs Samsonite Octolite review, I would gladly back the Samsonite Engenero. Having personally used both ranges and having talked to many others, the choice is an easy one for me. The fact that the Octolite has double wheels isn’t enough to outweigh all of the Engenero’s features. Click here to shop the Samsonite Engenero!

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