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As you may know, July is Travel Safety Month online here at and what better way to celebrate that than to offer up a vast world of safe travel tips to ensure our customers and readers can really make the most of their travels! To view last weeks safe travel tips click HERE and follow us across social media to stay ahead of the game.

Safe Travel Tips: #8NZ Safety Month Travel Safe Tip 8

Not only is this a great security measure, it’ll also always mean you’re prepared for anything unexpected your trip may throw at you!

Safe Travel Tips: #9NZ SSafety Month Tip 9We’re huge fans of personal experience reviews, it really gives you a true feel of the destination you’re visiting. Ask friends, family and online forums for unbiased realistic reviews.

Safe Travel Tips #10: NZ Safety Month Tip 10This doesn’t just apply when overseas, take this little tip with you wherever you go.

Safe Travel Tips: #11NZ Safety Month Safe Travel Tip 11With great features such as a slash-proof body, cut proof straps, RFID blocking, carabiner clip lock strap and lockable zips Travelon will change the way you travel. Read more about the Travelon anti-theft bag range online HERE!

Safe Travel Tip #12: NZ Safety Month Tip 12You choose where your limits lie. If you do decide to say yes to that offer of a free ride, ensure someone you trust knows who you have gone with, where you are heading, the time you should arrive and the number plat of the car you are in. A quick photo of the car iMessaged to your friends would be a great help!

Safe Travel Tip #13: NZ SSafety Month Safe Travel Tip 13Unfortunately not all cultures treat men and women alike. It is advised when travelling alone in Middle Eastern countries that women wear a wedding ring and tell those offering unwanted attention that they are meeting their husbands. Although here at we are strongly against this oppression of women we believe this tip may be helpful and good to remember.

Safe Travel Tip #14:NZ Safety Month Safe Travel Tip 14We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep in contact with those at home. With modern technologies such as Skype, Facebook and iMessage this has been made increasingly easier and cheaper.