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With the growth of the internet our smartphones have changed the way in which we travel. Finding top hotels, secret dining spots and bus routes are easily accessed all at the swipe of our fingers and the right travel apps.

Once you have picked your travel destination, delve into the app store and uncover a world of useful apps specifically designed for that city, region or country.

Here at we have compiled a list of apps that are priceless for any traveller, in any country. Download them now to ensure you’re always ready!

5: VIBERVIBERIMAGEViber allows you to send free messages and make phone calls to other Viber users in any country, on any device and at any time (as long as both parties are connected to the internet).  Viber is great for keeping in contact with family back home and keeping your overseas roaming charges down! It’s easy to use, simplistic layout makes it a great app for anyone of any age.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows 8, Desktop and Nokia.


4: XE CURRENCYxecurrencyThis handy convertor is a priceless tool for the international traveller. It probably comes at no surprise to you that traveling really costs! With the XE Currency App you’ll be able to calculate live exchange rates on-the-go so you’ll never be caught out.

Available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Firefox OS devices.




Instagram is the perfect tool for sharing your travel memories and photographs. It comes with a range of great filters and photo editing tools to make your photos looks professionally edited instantly. With the use of hashtags, anyone in the world can find and admire your images and you can find theirs! Try out #travel to get you started! Connect Instagram to your phones contact list or other social media platforms to ensure all of the important people in your life get to see your photographs!

Available on iOS and Android.



airbnbWith more than 600,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities AIRBNB is the perfect handheld tool for finding interesting accommodation all over the world! Whether it is a last minute overnight stay, long-term sublet or a one-of-a-kind experience you are looking for, Airbnb will be able to assist! Message your host, find directions and view and edit your itinerary right from your app! Make your accommodation more than just a roof over your head.

Available on iOs and Android.



tripadviserAn absolutely priceless app for those who like to plan ahead! TripAdvisor hosts over 150 million reviews and opinions on hotels, flights and restaurants all over the world. It isn’t just a review app though. TripAdvisor allows you to find interesting places near you, book tables at restaurants and compare airfares! This app is always expanding and we recommend you download it before you leave so you can learn and explore all of the features! Make sure you write your own reviews so other people can learn from your experiences!

Available on iOS, Android and Windows Store.


Don’t forget to keep your smartphone safe whilst you are travelling. Carry a smart, sophisticated Knomo Messenger or Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet with you at all times to ensure your belongings are as safe as possible!


These are our Top 5 Travel Apps, what are your priceless travel apps for 2015?