Pacsafe’s Anti Theft Security Features allow you to keep your valuables super safe and secure, wherever you may be! In this blog, I will explain how each anti-theft feature works, alongside helpful videos and pictures to make it easy to understand.


According to NPR, RFIDSAFE technology essentially prevents electronic pickpocketers from stealing your personal information. In this modern age, pickpocketers no longer need to physically grab your passport to steal your identity. Nor do they have to reach into your wallet to get your credit card information. Rather, they just need a special scanner. This scanner picks up on the radio frequency embedded into your credit cards and passports, enabling thieves access to all your private information.

As a preventative measure, Pacsafe has incorporated the use of RFID blocking materials in all their bags.

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Turn and Lock Security Hook

pacsafe anti-theft security feature - turn and lock security hook

Prevent thieves from easily grabbing your bag and running off with it! Simple loop your strap around an anchor point (such as a table leg) and lock it in place. Click here for a video of it in action!

PopNLock Security Clip

Pacsafe anti theft features - pop & lock security clip

Similar to above, simply loop the strap around an anchor point using the buckle mechanism (demonstrated here).

Locking Cable

Pacsafe anti theft features - locking cable

The locking cable simply needs to be looped around a bag with a Roobar Deluxe and then looped around an anchor point to prevent easy theft.


The use of slash-proof material makes your bag extra tough! Not only is it great at preventing the fabric from getting worn down, but it also prevents the possibility of a successful cut and run attempt.


Pacsafe anti theft features eXomesh

eXomesh is basically a stainless steel wire mesh that acts as a strong barrier against sharp objects.


Pacsafe anti theft features - carrysafe straps

Carrysafe straps have a steel wire inside, which prevents thieves cutting through the strap and running off with your belongings.


Pacsafe’s Smart Zipper Security is designed to make it harder for thieves to access your belongings.

Roobar Deluxe

Pacsafe anti theft features  - Roobar Deluxe

Pop your zips together and secure them in place with a simple twist of the anchor lock! Click here for a video of how it works.

Lockabout Security Clips

Pacsafe anti theft features - Lockabout security clips

Slip your zippers into the clip and push the bar into place. Pop a seperate padlock onto it for added security. Check out the video of this in action here!

Roobar Sport

Pacsafe anti theft features - Roobar Sport

Connect your zippers together, slide the bar across and flick the tab into locking position! Watch this video for further instruction.

Roobar Style

Pacsafe anti theft features - Roobar Style

Simply connect the zippers together, slip them into the clip mechanism and slide the lock until it clicks into place. Watch the video here!

Secure Zip Tab

Pacsafe anti theft features - secure zip tab

This one is pretty easy – just slip the zipper pull through the small piece of fabric to make it harder for thieves to get in!

Puncture Resistant ToughZip

Pacsafe anti theft features - puncture resistant toughzip

With this zip, no sharp object will be able to get through!

Zip clips

Pacsafe anti theft features - zip clips

Attach zip pullers to zip clip to further deter thieves. Click here for a visual demonstration!

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