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As we know, the need for anti-theft bags when travelling is becoming more and more necessary. Theft and identity fraud are unfortunately common worries of the twenty first century traveller. Pacsafe have come into the market with one goal, remove that worry and make sure you look good doing it! Trust us, Pacsafe anti-theft bags will literally change the way you travel, for good.

Stylish designs with unbelievable functionality to boot, Pacsafe anti-theft bags come in a variety of styles ranging from the feminine chic Citysafe, the functional ‘get the job done’ Intasafe and the wallet specific RFIDsafe range.

Discover Pacsafes anti-theft bags features below: 

eXomesh slashguards: lightweight slashguards are built into the most vulnerable areas of the Pacsafe anti-theft bags to stop your belongings falling out if slashed by a thief. This may seem extreme, but reports show bag slashing to be the number one method used by thieves overseas! The best part? No one would ever be able to tell from the outside that your bag was so tough – especially on the elegant Citysafe range!

Smart zipper security: zipped bags are extremely easy for wandering hands to find their way into, especially if you are standing in a line or relaxing at a cafe. That is why the Pacsafe anti-theft bags come with smart zipper security in the form of either secure tabs or security hooks. Both tried and tested options that keep pickpockets hands out of your stuff!

RFIDsafe blocking material and pockets: Stealing your personal and sensitive information is a walk in the park for those in the know. You can be standing around in a crowd, waiting in the departure lounge or calling for a taxi and someone, unwilling to you, could be stealing your identity information and bank details via a RFID reader. Pacsafes award winning material stops all of that!Pacsafe Anti-Theft BagsCarrysafe slashguard straps: although they look like regular bag straps from the outside, don’t be fooled! Lightweight, flexible stainless steel wire runs through the Pacsafe anti-theft bags range of straps ensuring nothing will cut through them!

Turn & lock security hooks: a priceless tool in Pacsafes kit, the turn and lock security hook allows you to place your bag strap around a pole, bench or post and clip it securely back on. Meaning you can relax with your coffee or wait for your train without having to spend every second worrying ‘where is my bag? where is my bag?’

Lockabout security clip: the creme de la creme of zipper security, the lockabout security clip that features on several of the Pacsafe anti-theft bags has a three step system that allows zip pullers to slip easily onto the secure hook, whilst the barrel slides and locks everything into place. With an option to add a padlock for extra security, there is literally no chance of wandering hands running off with your belongings!Pacsafe Anti-Theft BagsEach of the Pacsafe anti-theft bags are different and offer their own features! You’ll find bags with laptop compartments, iPad pockets, organisational panels and so much more. With a style, colour and size perfect for your needs!

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