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Yep, it is possible to travel with just a carry on bag! All you need is a little patience, a carry on approved suitcase and these packing tips!

Size Does Matter:

Generally, the larger your suitcase, the more you pack. Avoid this by only using a carry on approved suitcase. Both softside and hardside suitcases work well. There are benefits and downsides to both so do a little research beforehand to figure out which luggage type works best for you. Our luggage buying guide here would be a great place to start.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1:

Streamline the process of packing for a week long trip with this simple packing tip! Take no more than five pairs of underwear and socks, four tops, three pants/skirts/shorts, two pairs of shoes and one accessory. Pop in a dress, togs or jacket if needed.

Be Tough on Yourself:

You’ll be your own worst enemy in this packing process, so be tough on yourself! Lay everything out on your bed. If you don’t need the item, then it doesn’t need to come with you. If it is a ‘just incase’ item, leave it behind. You can always purchase it whilst you’re overseas if the worst happens.

It’s All in the Technique:

To ensure maximum use of your space, fill every inch of the bag. Shoes can be stuffed with socks, then placed together wrapped in a plastic bag to protect your clothing from dirt.

  • Rolling your clothes helps to minimise wrinkles and maximise space.
  • Packing cubes are great for organisational purposes.
  • The bundle technique is another way to maximise on space and keep organised. Wrap your larger items of clothing around T-shirts and underwear. Bundling together outfits and ensuring no space is wasted.

Folding Magic Packing Tips: 

A folding backpack features in our packing tips blog!

Folding your clothes may be out, but folding your backpack is in! This handy little Foldable Backpack will take up next to no space in your suitcase but will be extra helpful for trips to the beach, walks, shopping and a few extra goodies on your way home!

*EDIT: We no longer stock this specific bag but check out our range of foldable bags here!

What About Your Liquids:

Keep liquids in a clear toiletry bag at the top of your suitcase. If your luggage needs to be investigated by customs they don’t need to rummage through your bag, unsettling all of your hard work. Keeping a toiletry kit, fully stocked at home, will ensure you never forget the essentials!

Pack light and travel more with these top packing tips!

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