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What if I told you that everyone in the office is really, really excited about the Samsonite Octolite range that has just landed on, would you believe us? Well, the truth is, we really are! It’s not every day that a collection hits and we all want to rush to take home a suitcase or three!

The Octolite could literally have come straight from the catwalks of Milan, the striking outer somehow balances futuristic style and understated class perfectly. With a colour to reflect every personality each Samsonite Octolite stands tall on its own or amongst the crowd. The polypropylene outer is sectioned into eight parts (we’re guessing this is where to ‘octo’ comes from) creating a powerful image that reflects the strength of the case. Combining matte and shine, the Octolite leaves you wanting nothing more from the design. Curved edges, smooth lines and perfectly fitted fixtures will ensure every design enthusiast is kept smiling.Samsonite Octolite FrontsThe Samsonite Octolite isn’t short on features. An integrated customs approved TSA lock ensures you’re always equipped for travel to and within the USA and everything within your case is kept safe and secure. Four smooth spinning dual wheels are secure moulded into place enabling uninterrupted movement over smooth surfaces on all four wheels. The retractable handle system makes manoeuvring your Octolite a breeze, easily adjust the handle to fit your required height for maximum comfort. When the terrain toughens you may want to tilt the Octolite and roll it on two wheels, this will make cobbled street and rocky paths easier to pass over. On the rear of the case there is a hidden ID panel which will help you reconnect with your luggage if lost, just make sure you fill out the panel before you leave for your trip.

Open up the case and you’ll find a relatively simple interior designed to simplify your packing process. The Samsonite Octolite is fully lined offering a safe soft base for your packing. The two sides are separated by a divider panel that is kitted out with a zip stash pocket ideal for keeping your small personal items safe within. A separate pocket on the right side of the case is also great for holding jewellery and the likes. Elasticated cross ribbons ensure clothes or belongings in the right side of the case stay exactly where you left them. The Octolite doesn’t overdo it with the packing application and we really like that about this suitcase! Samsonite Octolite InteriorTop and side carry handles make carrying or lifting all sizes as easy as possible, Rubber stoppers on the left exterior of the case and around the zips help protect the zips and the case whilst on the carousel and in the hands of the luggage handles. Thanks to the sturdy polypropylene outer the Samsonite Octolite is a little tougher than your average suitcase. The best thing about the Octolite though, is that you don’t need to sacrifice weight! Somehow Samsonite have managed to keep the Octolite incredibly lightweight even though it is made out of extremely strong polyprop!

The Samsonite Octolite really has covered all of the bases when it comes to a luggage range that ticks all of the right boxes. Lightweight, strong, functional and very appealing to the eye – you won’t want to look at another suitcase again. Travel first class every time, with the Samsonite Octolite range from SHOP HERE: