If you liked the original Luna-Air, you are going to LOVE the Luna-Air 2! Kitted out with extra features that take the stress out of packing and travelling. With a lightweight, fashion-forward design, you’ll have the best looking case at the airport!

✨ Colours ✨

We made sure to get all your favourite colours in the new Luna-Air 2! From left to right, we have White, Seafoam, Dusty Pink and Black.

Luna-Air 2 in White, Seafoam, Dusty Pink and Black

✨ Sizes ✨

Available in three different sizes to suit your packing requirements. These sizes include the 75cm checked, 65cm checked and 56cm carry-on.

Luna-Air 2 Dusty Pink Sizes

✨ New Features ✨


The Luna-Air 2 Carry-On has also been updated to cater for all you tech savvy travellers. On the top of the case, you’ll find a nifty USB port so you can keep your tech powered up on the go.

The interior zippered pocket is a great fit for your power bank. There is a small slot in this pocket that has a built in USB connector to connect to your power bank. Then, simply plug one end of your charging cord into the case and the other into your phone. And voila! Your devices will be charged up in no time.

*Does not include the power bank pictured above. If you would like to purchase one, check out our range by clicking here!


The Luna-Air 2 has some new organisational pockets and features to make the packing process a breeze.

Luna-Air 2 Seafoam Interior

One of the most handy features is the addition of central dividers on both sides. This keeps your belongings organised and in their designated places. The Luna-Air 2 also has shoe pockets, which is ideal for keeping dirty footwear away from clean clothes. Further organise your belongings using the nifty mesh pockets located on the central dividing panels.

When you unzip these central divider panels, you’ll find not one, but two sets of cross ribbons for compression. These are super useful for keeping your clothing neatly folded and in place.

You’ll also notice a fresh new interior lining. Complete with small travel-inspired icons! If you need some packing tips and tricks, check out this great blog post from Happy to Wander.


Luna-Air 2 Seafoam Wheels

The double spinning wheel design is a lot sleeker than before, with a smooth finish. In terms of functionality, your case will be able to roll smoothly and quietly across any surface. The double spinning aspect provides greater stability over uneven surfaces.

Shop the full Luna-Air 2 range at luggage.co.nz! Click the link here to browse.