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So,  your brand new suitcase from has arrived but you can’t quite figure out how to set your built in TSA Lock? Well, you’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place!

To travel to and within the US, you are required to have a TSA lock on each piece of luggage. A TSA lock allows you to securely lock your luggage whilst allowing the appropriate security authorities, in the USA, to search your bag if need be without breaking the lock or damaging your case.TSA LOCKIn three easy steps (press, enter and click) you can safely secure your luggage with a built in TSA Combination lock by setting your own personalised combination code. Bare in mind, this tutorial will only work if your lock looks like the one above or a close variation. If your lock is different, give us a call on 0800 300 091 and we’ll be happy to help!

Firstly ensure all three digits are set to 0 0 0, this is the standard universal code that will come built into the lock. Press the small reset button with the tip of a pen, this will enable you the authority to change your code.TSA LOCKNext enter your three chosen digits until you have a combination code that you are happy with and will remember (quick tip: write this combination down somewhere very safe, if you have forgotten your code it can be a real hassle to reset. If this happens you’ll need to contact the manufacturer of your luggage or visit a locksmith). 

Double check that your code is correct and click the push tab into place. Your luggage is now set with the combination you have chosen.TSA LOCK– You’ll notice a keyhole on your TSA Lock, the locks are not supplied with a key; the key lock is for TSA custom purposes only and they have the universal key to open your luggage if need be.

Awesome, your lock is now set and you’re ready to travel within the US! If you have any queries about the luggage you have purchased from us, feel free to call us toll free on 0800 300 091 and we’ll help you out!

**If you’re looking for instructions on how to set your Delsey Belfort lock, head over to our Belfort specific blog here: