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Deuter are the leaders in outdoor bags and accessories! They have a wide range of unique products that are ideal for keen hikers, mountain bikers and adventurers alike. If you love to get out and about in nature, check out Deuters range of products online at! 

Deuter Junior Backpack

The Junior Backpack is perfect for your adventurous young one! It has all the benefits of a large hiking pack but in a smaller size. These backpacks will get your child excited to go on school camp or a family hiking trip! Available in three fun colours below.


Deuter Junior Backpack Red Deuter Junior Backpack Blue Deuter Junior Backpack Green

Shop Deuter Junior Backpacks at $79.00 here.

Deuter Light Drypacks

These drypacks are a nifty packing accessory that a lot of people haven’t heard of! Designed to keep your wet and dirty belongings seperate from your dry and clean belongings. Ideal for if you are an avid swimmer or off to the beach for a day trip!

Deuter Light Drypack Neon Yellow Deuter Light Drypack Magenta Deuter Light Drypack Moss Green

Shop Deuter Light Drypacks from $15.oo here!

Deuter Adult Backpacks

We also have plenty of versatile adult backpacks on our site. If you are after a more urban backpack, check out the Deuter Skip and Spot. If you need a backpack with a laptop compartment, check out the Deuter XV2 Backpack.

Deuter Vista Skip Backpack Black Deuter Vista Spot Backpack Navy Deuter XV 2 Backpack Black

Shop Deuter Backpacks starting from $99.00 here!

Deuter Rain Cover

If you are worried about getting caught in the rain on the way home from school or work, then you need a Rain Cover! These Rain Covers protect your belongings from getting soaked through and ruined. Available in a bright neon yellow and blue to increase visibility to passing traffic.

Deuter Rain Cover Neon YellowDeuter Rain Cover Blue

Shop the Deuter Rain Cover Range starting from $30.00 by clicking here!

Deuter Kid Carrier

Got a little one that you want to take on outdoor adventures? The Kid Comfort 2 is a must-have! It even comes with a little toy bear to keep your child company during long hikes. You can also purchase sun and rain covers from us and attach them to the Kid Comfort 2 to protect your child from the elements.

Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Kid Carrier in Red

Shop the Deuter Kid Carrier here!

Deuter Zip Pack Lite 


Deuter Zip Pack LiteDeuter Zip Pack LiteDeuter Zip Pack Lite

These Zip Packs are great for keeping your belongings seperate and organised. It is super lightweight, which means you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting weighed down. It is super durable too, made from a tear-resistant material. Available in various sizes and colours to suit your needs. Each one is a super cheap at $19.00, making them great value for money!


Shop the $19.00 Zip Pack Lite Range here!

If you are keen to explore the outdoors in our beautiful country, check out our products from Deuter at With free shipping and easy 100 day returns!