Ever get confused with carry-on and checked baggage allowances across various airlines? Well we have got you covered! We have created a go-to-guide that covers all major airlines including Jetstar, Qantas, Emirates, Qatar and Air New Zealand. We cover free baggage allowances, weight limits, size limits and how to go about adding additional baggage.

Table containing baggage allowances for Air New Zealand
Table containing baggage allowances for Jetstar and Quantas

** Baggage allowances may differ between airlines for flights to/from America or Africa.

*** The terms “linear cm” or “overall maximum dimensions” refer to the Length + Width + Height of your baggage. These measurements can be found on our website for all luggage.

Need More Info on Baggage Allowances?

For more information, check out the links below. This will take you to each airlines official page with their carry-on and checked baggage allowance information.

If Your Bag is Too Heavy Or Too Largeā€¦

  1. Pay an Overweight Baggage Fee (for bags that are too heavy): If there is room on the aircraft and if your bag is less than your airlines maximum weight, you may be able to take your overweight luggage on board at a cost. 
  2. Pay the Excess Baggage Charge (if your bag is too large): If there is space on your flight, you will have the option of paying an excess baggage fee at the airport. Typically, if any one side is more than one metre, we recommend you get in touch with your airline to see if it will be able to fit on the aircraft. 
  3. Repack your Bag: Another option is buying a prepaid extra bag and splitting your belongings between the two.
  4. Send it as Cargo: Contact your Airline for more information, at least 5 days before your flight. Or you can contact International Cargo or an alternative freight company. 

Handy Tips for Adding Additional Baggage

If you do discover that you require a larger baggage allowance, we have a few tips for how to go about it.

  1. If you know you will need additional baggage in advance, add extra checked baggage at the time of booking. This is the cheapest option.
  2. The second cheapest option is to add it online after you have already booked.
  3. The most expensive option is adding extra baggage when you arrive at the airport.  

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