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A question we are often asked here at is “what are the best luggage brands”. Answering this question isn’t as easy as you might think though! With so many factors to look at, we have broken the question down into four important segments. This will help you choose the best luggage brands for your needs.

Best Luggage Brands: The Breakdown

International Warranty:

Something to seriously consider when purchasing luggage is the warranty the product comes with. There are generally two types of warranty, NZ only and International. Brands such as SamsoniteDelsey and Patagonia offer International warranties. These companies will have repair centres in most major cities around the world. This will enable you to have any manufacturing issues resolved whilst you’re overseas rather than having to bring your suitcase home to be fixed. Those with NZ only warranties can only be fixed here in NZ.

The Weight Factor:

When it comes to luggage, weight really does matter. The lighter your suitcase, the more you can pack! Two brands come to mind when I focus on lightness. The first is the New Zealand Luggage Co. Their So-Lite range is an unbelievably lightweight softside suitcase range at an incredible price. Starting at just $169, the So-Lite is unbeatable for its price.

Then there is Samsonite. Samsonite have a range of CURV hard-side suitcases. These are extremely lightweight and extremely strong suitcases that are recognised and loved the world over. You won’t find a hard-side suitcase lighter than those in the Samsonite CURV ranges.

Safety Matters:

Everything you travel with is kept within your suitcase. If choosing the safest suitcase is at the top of your priority list then you need to consider a clip-locked or securi-zip option. Clip-locks replace the zips on your suitcase, completely removing the vulnerability of the zips. Both Samsonite and Delsey offer clip-locked options. *EDIT: We have sold out of the Delsey clip-locked cases sadly but check out our other clip cases here!  Delsey also have a range of securi-tech zip suitcases that boasts puncture resistant zips that will prevent unwanted entry to your suitcase.

It’s Your Style:

Style isn’t really something we can pin-point a ‘best of’. This will change with each persons preference. Some will love the elegance of the Delsey Chatelet Hard +, others can’t get enough of the Kiwiana NZ Fern Suitcase from the NZ Luggage Co and some will crave the business class of the Samsonite Base Boost.

In conclusion, the question “what are the best luggage brands” is a hard one to answer. If you’re still struggling to find the best suitcase option for your travels, our team here at are more than happy to point out a few ranges that we believe will fit your needs. View all of our brands here! Shipping at is free, so go hard!