Face masks have become an everyday must-have in today’s current climate. With a global pandemic on our hands, it is important that every one of us obeys the safety precautions set by government officials in order to reduce the spread of Covid. This is where face masks come in.

By wearing a face mask when out and about in public, you ultimately reduce the transmission of virus-carrying droplets. Due to the often-asymptomatic nature of Covid, it is vital that everyone plays their part by wearing a mask. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you are also keeping others safe at the same time. For more information regarding masks, check out this page from the Ministry of Health by clicking here.

Due to the increased need for face masks, it is helpful to get your hands on a reusable one. Reusable face masks are super helpful, as you can wash and reuse over and over. Not only that, but they also come in a wider range of styles and colours. Check out our most popular styles below!

Airinum Lite Air KN95 Face Mask

With a 5 layer filter technology and an impressive 98% protection rate against harmful particles, this mask is a worthy investment. Made from lightweight 3D air mesh, it won’t get too hot underneath your mask. The elastic ear loops, memory foam nose, nose clip and detachable head clip all ensure that the fit is snug and that you are comfortable. It comes with two replaceable filters too, helping you breathe easy everyday. Choose from a size XS, S, M or L. Click here to shop Airinum masks.

Pacsafe Protective & Reusable ViralOff Face Mask

This mask has been tried and tested, holding 99% fewer viruses in 2 hours. Kitted out with anti-microbial technology, this mask is an effective barrier against germs from coughing or sneezing. Designed with stretchy polyester spandex, it is super comfortable to wear, sits close to the skin and allows for easier breathing. Last but not least, this mask is kitted out with Polygiene Odor Crunch technology which prevents unpleasant odours from lingering. Shop the Pacsafe Protective & Reusable ViralOff Face Mask here!

Explorer Face Mask

If you are on a budget, the Explorer Face Mask is the way to go. Made from 100% cotton with adjustable elastic ties, this mask allows you to get the perfect fit. Featuring an interior insert that is ideal for a filter. These masks offer a lot of coverage, covering your mouth and nose and sitting snugly against your face for optimal protection. Check out the Explorer Face Masks here!

Explorer Face Mask Black

Our Top Tips for Wearing a Mask

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth and sits close to your face
  • Wash your hands before and after putting a mask on
  • Use the straps to remove the mask
  • Store it in a clean place – try not to toss it in your handbag or in your pocket
  • Wash daily if possible
  • Don’t share with others

If we have to wear face masks day to day, it is definitely worth investing in a reusable mask. Shop our full range of face masks here!