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Travelling with children can be quite the rigmarole! Here at we have compiled a list of our top 10 tips for travelling with children.

10 – Make sure you’re all wearing easy to remove shoes!


Some countries require you to remove your shoes whilst passing through customs, be prepared for this by dressing yourself and your little one in easily removable shoes. This will make the whole process run a lot faster and smoother for everyone involved.


9 – Steer away from lollies!


There is nothing worse than a hyperactive energiser bunny stuck on a plane with nowhere to expend their energy! Swap the lollies and sugar for small savoury snacks such as; crackers, fruit sticks and veggie packs to keep their energy levels stable… and yourself sane!


8 – You can never have enough plastic bags!


You never know when a plastic bag will come in handy. They’ll be ideal for those suffering with a sudden onset of motion sickness, separating soiled or wet clothes and throwing away the trash after the delicious savoury nibbles! Recyclable bags are a great option!


7 – Check, check and check again! CribImage

Make sure you check with your airline regarding their policy on pushchairs and bassinets. This will help avoid any surprise fees and uncomfortable seating arrangements for you and your family.


6 – Encourage your littles ones to keep a travel journal!TravelJournelImage

Not only will their travel journals be a great keepsake, they’ll also keep the kiddies entertained throughout all stages of the travel process. Have them draw the interior of the airport, write down what they ate and drank on the plane, draw the planes and explain how they’re feeling. They’ll have a lot of fun and will be entertained for hours!


5 – Use a travel wallet!


A travel wallet can be a life saver when travelling with children! They’ll ensure all of your important documentation and passports are safe and secure in one easy to access place. You’ll save valuable time at check-in and customs, which means less time waiting around with bored little kiddies in tow! You can buy the Bellroy Travel Wallet now at or simply click here.


4 – Keep the activities flowing!


This is such a great opportunity for family bonding. Use your time at the airport to do; word searches, colouring books, card games and small puzzles together. Time will fly by and these times will only add to the memories you’re going to create.


3 – Snap happy!


Give the littles ones their own robust digital camera, they’ll be able to capture all of their travel adventures, it’ll keep their little minds active and engaged and they’ll have a heap of fun doing it! Just make sure the memory card has a lot of space because the kiddies tend to be quite snap happy, you never know you could have a future landscape photographer on your hands.




A Trunki is the perfect travel essential for your little one! Trunki’s are carry-on size luggage cases that are designed with bright colours and lovable characters. They allow your little ones to take rests when they wouldn’t normally be able to; the Trunki is designed in such a way that it can be a stable safe seat or pull along cart! They can also choose to sit on and push the Trunki around the airport for a fun filled ride! Shop the Trunki range HERE. 


1 – Don’t threat!


Everyone worries about travelling with their little ones. Stay calm, breath and enjoy the experience. Take your time and take it at a pace that you are comfortable and happy with. Remember that travelling doesn’t just have to be a necessary part of the journey and that you can embrace the time to create great family memories!