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Some of us love travelling on aeroplanes and some of us dread it, either way it is best to be prepared for your fight (especially if you’re flying long haul!).  Here at we have compiled a list of our most valued tips for ensuring you have a safe and happy flight!


10 – Sanitise!

GERMS!This may seem simple but it is something a lot of people overlook, carrying antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in your carry-on can help you fight off any illness that may be lurking on the surfaces of the plane. Sanitise before you eat, drink or sleep (let’s face it, we all secretly face touch in our sleep!) and wipe down all surfaces with your wipes.

  • Another great tip is to use these handy disposable toilet seat covers from Korjo to ensure the toilet seat on the plane is as sanitary as possible. *UPDATE: We no longer stock this item but check out our wide range of other travel accessories here!


9 – Choose Wi-Fi!

PLANEWIFIIf your flight doesn’t come with free Wi-Fi, it is definitely worth purchasing the add-on! They’re generally very affordable and will ensure you won’t be stuck watching the inflight movies and will help pass the time on long haul flights. Remember though, if your flight allows you to use your small device, make sure you switch it to flight mode when you’re required to.


8 – Keep your carry-on light!

LIGHT CARRYNot only to ensure you keep within the airlines requirements (don’t forget to check this before you pack your luggage) but to make your experience and as comfortable and stress free as possible. No one likes to have to force their carry-on in to the overhead lockers or lug a heavy case up and down stairs. Choose an extremely light case such as the Delsey Dauphine or the Samsonite 72 Hour and pack only your essentials. Keep the things you’ll want regular access to in a smaller carry-on bag that fits safely and securely under your seat.

*UPDATE: We no longer stock these two cases. However, check out some of our other great carry on cases from Delsey and Samonite.


7 – Power down!

PHONEPLANEThe quickest way to ensure the plane gets off the ground is to power down! No plane will be able to take off if you’re mobile, tablet or laptop is left on. Turn the device to flight mode and power it down as soon as you sit down. Kindly remind those you’re travelling with to do the same and soon the plane will be able to take flight! Remember the flight attendant is your best friend and lifeline whilst on the aircraft so when they ask you to turn off your device, do it! You don’t want to get on their bad side.


6 – Stretchhhh!

SOCKSWhen safely in the air and the belts signs are turned off, feel free to stretch your legs, neck and arms! Sitting for a long period of time can cause your muscles to seize up and become painful so stretching in small amounts is vitally important. Just be very wary to not disrupt those around you. Wearing a pair of travel socks can help keep the blood pumping within your legs, try these specially designed travel socks from Korjo for ease of mind.

*UPDATE: We no longer stock these particular travel socks but we do have a range of other travel socks here!


5 – Pre-book a flight lounge!

FLIGHTLOUNGE– Koru Lounge Christchurch

Nothing can beat a nice comfortable seat whilst you sip on an ice cold drink and indulge in a delicious meal with your feet planted firmly on the ground! Flight lounges are great for those with connecting flights that just want to chill out and unwind before their next flight. Almost all have internet access and TVs to keep you entertained and will make you feel at home! The best way to find out about your airlines flight lounges and ways to book them is to visit your airlines website or give them a call a few weeks prior to flying. You won’t regret it!


4 – Check your airlines regulations!

SECURIAirlines flight regulations are constantly changing, so it is best to check with your airline a few weeks prior to packing your carry-on to ensure for an easy pass through security. Checking the airlines website and calling will ensure you have all of the up-to date information you need.


3 – Drink water!

WATERThe humidity in the cabin is usually less than 20% (your home is normally 30% or more), which means your skin, eyes, lips and nose can become quite dry. A great way to combat this is to regularly drink water throughout the flight. Take advantage of the free water available through your cabin crew and politely ask for two glasses with dinner. Make sure you drink at least a small cup every two hours and aid your skin and lips by moisturising and applying balm. A great idea is to store all of your personal care carry on essentials within a toiletry bag, but again make sure you check airline regulations with regards to what you can take on the flight!


2 – Make a sleep kit!

SLEEPA sleep kit is a great idea for those on long haul flights that just want to nap the time away. An eye mask can block out the sun reflection and cabin lights that may disturb your peace, ear plugs will help you block out the sounds of the propeller, engine and fellow passengers noise to allow you to rest easy. A neck pillow will give you support when sleeping in the upright position and keep your neck in a position that won’t cause you to pull or cramp your muscles. Creating your own sleep kit is easy on!

-*UPDATE: We no longer stock the pictured Korjo ear plugs and neck pillow. However, we do sell plenty of other brands for these items. Click here for ear plugs and here for neck pillows!


1 – Keep warm!

COLDYou often forget about this, but if you’re travelling at night or through many time zones it can get awfully chilly inside the cabin! Pack an extra jersey or add a small blanket to your sleep kit. Some airlines will also supply you with a blanket when it starts to get colder, even if you’re not cold yet you’re best to accept the offer as the temperature still may decrease.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your happy flight and think of it as part of your memory making process!

Do you have any other happy flight changing tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!