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Jansport Backpacks

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Jansport Backpacks

Jansport is an iconic brand, known for their bestselling school bags such as the Right Pack II and the Superbreak. If you are a big environmental warrior, you will love Jansports eco-friendly backpack called the Recycled Superbreak. All these backpacks are designed for reliability, built to last the long-haul. With a lifetime warranty, you can purchase any Jansport Backpack with confidence.

Why are Jansport backpacks so popular?

Jansport backpacks are well known for their cool, urban style and their long-lasting durability. They are also great value for money, being relatively affordable for the quality you are getting in return. These backpacks are designed to last a lifetime, with robust zipper quality and fabric choices. They are extremely popular among school and university students, as the timeless Jansport design never goes out of fashion. There are a bunch of different colours to choose from, allowing you to express your individual style and personality. You’ll also notice they have a large social media presence, which is a large influence on the younger demographic. When one kid sees another kid with a Jansport, they inevitably want one too!

Are Jansport backpacks washable?

It is recommended to hand wash your Jansport backpack, as the washing machine might negatively effect the shape and finish of the bag. Before hand washing, make sure that all the pockets are empty. Unzip every pocket and shake it upside down to get rid of every little bit of dust. If you wish to be extra thorough, use the vacuum hose to get into every nook and cranny. The next step is to use cool water and a soft damp cloth to hand wash with. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach on your backpack, as this could ruin the colour and finish. If you have a Jansport pack that has suede or leather accents, avoid washing them as they might get discoloured. Once your backpack is sparkling clean, pop it on the washing line or clothes airer so it can drip dry. With the proper maintenance, these bags can last you your whole life.

What sizes are Jansport backpacks?

Jansport backpacks come in a range of different sizes, with bags like the Jansport Half Pint being one of the smaller sizes. This backpack is a great size for the essentials, and is perfect if you like small, cuter looking backpacks over big bulky ones. The Half Pint is especially popular with girls, as this size is generally deemed more stylish among youths. This bag is equipped with a front utility pocket, which is perfect for essentials you want quick access to. Use it for lip balm, wallets, hair accessories and more! With a key clip, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys at the bottom your bag. Due to its petite size, it can make a great kids backpack too. If you are in the market for a medium sized backpack, choose from the Right Pack II, Superbreak or the Superbreak Plus. This medium size is ideal for school, with plenty of space for a lunchbox, textbooks, stationary, drink bottle and more.

Do Jansport backpacks have a lifetime warranty?

Another big selling point for Jansport backpacks is the lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, as this is an inevitable part of the lifecycle of any product. There are two key things to note before you submit a warranty claim. If your claim is due to discoloured, deteriorated fabric – it may simply be due to regular wear and tear. Similarly, if a handle or zipper breaks after extended use, this may also be wear and tear. However, if your backpack has a fault or manufacturing defect, Jansport will have you covered. To put it plainly, Jansport will cover you under warranty if the claim is fair and just, which is a big plus!

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